January Styled Shoot at Laurel Hall

When Andrea Crawford of Lillian Rose Photography asked if I wanted to participate in a styled shoot at the historic Laurel Hall, without hesitation my response was a yes. What else is there for a florist to do in January, aside from drowning in consultations & proposal work?!

Andrea is someone I enjoy collaborating with because she holds a special place in my heart as one of the first photographers to provide me with professional images of my work. In addition to this special connection I have with Andrea on a personal level, from a professional standpoint she is an incredibly talented photographer who I’ve been lucky to collaborate with on several occasions. (Side note: There will always be a special place in my heart for those who supported my business in its very early stages.) We also teamed up with Indianapolis film photographer Lauren Peterson to capture the shoot through a different lens, and I have such gratitude to both of these ladies for sharing their images.

Laurel Hall

Laurel Hall is a gorgeous gem of a venue, and as a big Downton Abbey fan my imagination takes me back a century whenever I set foot inside this historic estate. There are staircases, mantels, windowsills, banisters, and other nooks throughout the building practically begging for us florists to embellish them. It is one of the most popular venues in Indy and it books up quickly – take note if you’re engaged.

Floral Features

There were a few special elements I wanted to feature in the florals for this shoot. First, as many areas of design are trending towards minimalism, I have been yearning to design an understated, petite, and minimalist bridal bouquet. I am hoping to see more of these on the horizon for 2020/2021 brides, because I just love how sweet it turned out and how it allowed the bridal jumpsuit to be the statement piece in these images.

Next, I wanted to feature a unique floral hair comb to be worn with a modern wardrobe piece. Her jumpsuit was understated yet modern in this look, calling attention to the hairpiece.

One element of our groom’s boutonniere was the center of a deconstructed cymbidium orchid from the bridal hairpiece. I love how floral design provides opportunities to incorporate subtle symbolisms like these into our weddings – each spouse carrying a piece of the other. It’s surely not something every guest will notice, but a small, thoughtful and meaningful gesture that our couples share with each other.

This styled shoot turned out to be a beautiful collaboration of many Indianapolis talents, including Andrea, Lauren and myself, as well as:

Just some more of my favorite shots…

I love it when photographers capture the very edge of a floral arrangement. These are what we florists might refer to as “moments” within a larger design. Photo: Lillian Rose Photography
Lillian Rose Photography

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