Lit’rally Just Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

I’m not really much of a talker, more of a listener (firm believer in that old adage, you know the one, about why we were given two ears and only one mouth). When it comes to writing though, and my social media posts in particular, I know there are people out there giving me the old TL;DR. Yeah, I know ya’ll know what I’m talking about. I had to look up what TL;DR means, because someone actually once commented that on one of my personal posts once (rude!…. you may think it, but you don’t comment it!)

This journal will be a way for me to share what thoughts I have that may otherwise fall in the TL;DR category with the audience/small following of a) close clients who are really interested in my business, or b) friends and family who want to better understand what I do, or c) other floral designers to relate, get to know me and get a dose of florist humor.

I’d like to get a little more personal with this audience too than I do on IG. While a huge piece of running a business is about staying on-brand, authenticity is huge for me. A couple planning their wedding has to trust their florist, and authenticity is key to building trust. Just to prove how authentic I am, I’m going to tell you that as I type I’ve just downed nearly one-third of a package of Oreos. They’re not the name brand Oreos, though still edible, but I am never buying anything but the name brand again. Now I’m back on brands. This paragraph has actually come full circle.

Write something about flowers now, Angela!

Flowers….flowers…. hmm. Well, in order to develop something that might actually help my business grow, I hope to start featuring some of our weddings on the blog. I’m going to start with some highlights of 2018, and while my iPhone X has made me pretty much a professional photographer, I will share some names of the other wedding industry talents I’ve been so lucky to have worked with. (Photogs, for the record I am JOKING about the iPhone X and do not intend to cheapen your work. Being on the receiving end of your professional photographs is one of the utter JOYS of my own profession. <3)

Think this post couldn’t be any more all-over-the place? Because I work alone (well, with one other employee who has fur and doesn’t talk) music is on about 90% of my day. For design days, I even have a Spotify playlist of songs about flowers (happy to share, there is some real florist humor scattered throughout that playlist). Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

at the gym: I Got the Juice – Janelle Monae ft. Pharrell

for good vibes: I Feel for You – Prince

for introspection: Here I Am – Dolly Parton & Sia